ROA has recently formed a partnership with One Harvest, an Australian owned food packaging and processing company with locations around Australia, to source migrant employees for a variety of roles. ROA has been able to assist with putting candidates forward for both blue and white collar roles within the company.

One harvest has been very supportive with assisting applicants and ROA with enquiries and have been working with ROA to ensure that their company is accessible for people from different cultural background and promoting regional communities. It is very easy for employers to unconsciously discriminate agains migrant jobseekers who can struggle with stereotypes about language, qualifications and work ethic. In our work at ROA we aim to work with employers and jobseekers to raise awareness of these issues and to act to minimise bias.

This partnership with One Harvest also includes a collaboration with Glow Up Careers, a social enterprise career coaching program that specialises in supporting migrant and refugee jobseekers to find employment. Their contribution has aided many of our more skilled professional jobseekers to gaining employment outcomes with specific training about industry jobseeking skills and knowledge about the Australian workforce and culture.

Unfortunately many migrants struggle to find decent and meaningful work and competition is high in the cities. Partnerships like this enable migrants to access employment of choice and to make a meaningful contribution back to Australian society. We hope to achieve extraordinary things through this partnership with One Harvest and Glow Up Careers.