Why mentor ?

Mentoring a migrant or refugees is one of the best ways to give back to the community. It is through mentoring that newcomers quickly integrate into the Australian society and economy. As a mentor, you will guide your mentee as they navigate through their journey to land the right opportunity and help them settle in their new opportunity and new environment.

Mentoring opportunities

ROA connects migrants and refugees to mentors in the cities and in regional Australia, so they are well supported both, before and after, their relocation to regional Australia. As such, we have two different opportunities for individuals wanting to mentor:

  • Mentor in the city: If you are located in a city where ROA operates, you can mentor a migrant and refugee as they go through the process of looking and applying for jobs, up-skilling, and securing an employment or business opportunity.
  • Mentor in the regional areas: If you are located in an area where ROA is resettling migrants and refugees, you can become an Industry Mentor, providing guidance and support to help them secure employment in your profession and become connected with the local community in your town.
    We are currently seeking mentors in Ballarat and other Victorian regional areas.

Become a mentor

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