Regional Opportunities Australia

There is a wealth of opportunities across our beautiful nation. Regional Opportunities Australia (ROA) is a not-for-profit organisation that helps migrants and refugees move from cities to welcoming regional communities and connects them to employment and business opportunities.

Our services are free of charge for our clients.

ROA’s role is to identify regional areas that have employment and business opportunities. It also identifies migrants and refugees who are excited to take up those opportunities and assists them in getting job and business ready, moving to, and calling regional Australia home.

Prior to connecting the two, ROA culturally prepares both migrants and refugees, and regional communities to ensure that the transition to life in regional Australia is smooth and sustainable.

We want to play a role in advancing the regional Australian economy and society by connecting hardworking migrants and refugees to regional areas that offer cheaper housing, lower cost of living and a stronger sense of belonging.

Together we can build welcoming communities and fulfilling lives that shape the Australian economy and society for the better.

Our Patrons

Wendy Machin
Wendy McCarthy AO

Our Directors

ROA is a subsidiary of HOST International and is therefore governed by the HOST International Ltd board with support from a delegated expert steering committee. Click here to view the HOST International board and see below for the composition of the Steering Committee.

Our Steering Committee

Christine Grima 
Committee Member

Min Wang
Committee Member

Aleem Ali 
Committee Member

Tye Gerard
Committee Member

Andrew Rodger
Committee Member

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26 July 2021

Alvin and Tye

"The migrants and refugees we work with are highly qualified, motivated and skilled, they just need a hand up" - Tye Gerrard, Macquarie Capital Investment Banker and Regional Opportunities Australia Mentor.

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