Why settle migrants and refugees?

Are you a business owner in regional Australia who is struggling to sustainably employ long-term labour? Are you a regional council or community member concerned for your local area that is experiencing skills shortage, maybe a decline in population, or wanting to increase its diversity?

Skilled migrants and refugees may be the answer for your community. These hardworking families are seeking a better life and want to call regional Australia their home. Not only does it make good business sense by fostering economic growth and sustainability to regional areas, but it helps communities thrive. With greater diversity there are more opportunities for communities to come together and learn from each other.

From tasting new cultural dishes to seeking diverse opinions for business solutions, skilled migrants and refugees bring a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to your community.

Benefits of settling migrants and refugees

  • Migrants and refugees are ready to settle in regional areas permanently
  • A large number are young families ready to integrate and embrace regional Australia
  • They are of various racial backgrounds, languages and beliefs – all bringing diversity
  • They have similar values, morals and beliefs like any other community in Australia
  • They are of diverse professions and skill levels, committed and hardworking
  • Some are entrepreneurs with innovative products and services
  • They enhance food diversity, introducing new cafes and restaurants

How we consult with you

We will work closely with each regional community to make sure you are involved and have everything you need to make this transition smooth for your community as your new neighbours settle in. We will:

  • Consult with you to identify skills shortage, the number of families your community can accommodate, availability of housing, schools, hospitals etc.
  • Listen to your needs and make sure we are relocating people who can fill those skill shortages and foster the kind of community you are seeking to build.
  • Work with local regional development organisations and other stakeholders and seek alignment.
  • Engage with local businesses to find the employment or business opportunities in your area.
  • Where necessary, organise with you an exploratory visit of migrants and refugees to your area before they move so you have an opportunity to meet them.
  • Request you to provide us local mentors to help migrants and refugees quickly integrate into their new regional community.
  • Provide cultural awareness to the migrants and refugees before they settle in your communities. We will also provide cultural orientation to local mentors.
  • Assist you in organising a community welcome event to your new neighbours
  • Continue to work with our community partners and local mentors post-settlement to ensure continued success.
  • Consult you at the start of the process

  • Listen to your needs and skill shortage

  • Collaborate with local stakeholders and RDAs

  • Find employment and business opportunities in your area

  • Bring clients over to meet

  • Request you to mentor your new community members

  • Provide cultural training to you and the migrants

  • Help you organise a community welcome

  • Provide ongoing support to community mentors

We ensure regional community members lead the relocation of their new neighbours with our mentoring program. It puts business leaders and community members at the heart of the settlement program, working directly with migrants and refugees to help them settle in and learn more about their new home. Together we can create more opportunities for your community.

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How to Employ

At ROA we move migrants and refugees with various levels of skills from the city to regional areas in need of a diverse and talented individuals. The diversity of skills among these migrants and refugees is vast; from doctors and engineers to agriculture and retail workers. We only settle people who are wanting to call regional Australia home so you know they will be around long-term.

Are you an employer in regional Australia who has been struggling to employ labour long-term? We can help you, without any fees or costs, to find the right people for your business needs! Get in touch with us below:

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